Just returned from India and spoke to multitude of fifty thousand prayer warriors in India coming for fasting and prayer from 9 am to 3 pm every month.
In Chennai, as many as one hundred thousand will attend this Prayer and Fasting movement to pray for Revival in India.
It was organised by Jesus Redeems, Brother Mohan Lazarus an amazing man of God. Surely India shall be saved.
What a joy and honour to be invited to speak and share the pulpit with this Great man of God, Mohan Lazarus.
It is probably one in the world to gather such a crowd for Prayer and Fasting.
Had been to 3000 people gathered for all night prayers in Ghana.
Indonesia had hosted some prayer conferences but not that scale.
We are believing and praying one day in Malaysia we can gather in stadium to do prayer and fasting for the nation.

Annually, it us our custom to start the new year with prayer and fasting for 21 days.
We also meet for prayer and seeking God in Bentong Serenity sanctuary of some 20 acres natural orchard with fresh running streams, surrounded by mountains and valleys.
Free accomodation and no registration fees to attend.
Encourage you to attend.

We cannot be wrong to seek God as we start a new year.
God is truly a REWARDER to those who seek Him. Hebrew 11: 6.
Time to seek His FACE, not just His HAND of provision, prosperity and power.

Our time invested in prayer and seeking God is like moisture ascending to form clouds. When there is enough moisture, it will come back as showers of blessings someday, sometime and some place. Amen

We have few wonderful life changing meetings coming up.

28- 29 DEC 2018

4 – 6 JAN 2019

11- 13 Jan 2019.

See you soon.
By HIS grace ALONE,

Recently, Paul was honored to be invited by Jesus Redeems, Mohan C Lazarus to speak in a fifty thousand ( 50, 000) gathering of prayer warriors in India.