Shalom. We have come to the end of 2016.
We just returned from Philippines and God has blessed and favored our time and ministry in that wonderful nation.
I was given the honour to speak in an evangelistic sermon on the JESUS REIGN  celebration in Legazpi BICOL.
​It was an awesome sight to see hundreds of young people thronged to the altar call to receive salvation and accept Jesus Christ into their lives. As tears were rolling down, HEAVEN must have rejoiced over these precious souls that responded​.
To God be he glory and HIM ALONE to receive all honor and praise.
PROPHETIC CONFERENCE  in Penang on 8 to 10 is about to commence. You still can walk in and attend on 8 Dec. All are welcome  regardless if you are a leader or just a new Christian.
We have been praying for God to visit us afresh and speak to us afresh about 2017 and beyond.
If you are able to attend, DONT MISS this golden opportunity.
BLESSED Christmas to all.
2017 is going to be more blessed than 2016..
God Richest blessings be upon you as you celebrate this holiday season.
Your friend,
Paull Ang