Breakthrough- IPC 2013

Breakthrough- International Prayer Conference 2013, KL, Malaysia.

Sharon & Ps. Benny Tan History Maker Church, Australia
Hello old friends Dr Paul and Dr Christina, Just a short note to SAY….the few of us who have traveled from Australia History Maker Church are SOO excited and sensing personally in our hearts BREAK-THROUGH will happen on many different levels. We look forward to being in God’s presence and confident this will be a  Legacy Life changing Breakthrough.

THANK-YOU and Your team for making this conference known to us. Take Courage Break-through Almighty God is with YOU!

Love in Christ Jesus

Patricia Foo

Dear Dr Christina,

Thank you so much for organized the Breakthrough Conference.  When Dr Paul Ang announced which he spoke in FGA KL 2nd service, we waste no time and quickly registered ourselves.  We did not hear nor known you or your ministry before but simply attracted to Dr Paul Ang’s anointed message and your soft and beauty spirit. During the conference, especially on the soaking with God sessions (1-3 p.m), I was touched and began to understand God’s love and grace deeper and freely.  At the time I was very downcast, disappointed, angry coupled with unforgiving and broken heart and a tired spirit within me. On the 1st day of the conference, I can’t worship nor break into songs.  I cried so much so that my eyes were painful and swollen towards the end of the Conference. Hallelujah, as Dr Paul Ang quoted those come with a papaya face will see a breakthrough. Indeed on the 2nd day I was set free.  I can break into worship and song.  The joy of the Lord filled me. I felt the cold on my leg and travelled up to before my kneel.  I felt something on my whole stomach, a cool sensation (like ice) travelled up to my middle stomach.   I can sense the joy of the Lord so freely all over me.  Then and there, I knew I have been touched and set free by the Lord.  I no longer feel sad and hopeless. After the conference, I began to read your book –Destined for Greatness and it was so encouraged to my soul. I thanked God, initially I wanted to withdrew for coming to this Conference.  My heart was hardened as I listened to your tape –Psalm.  It is so difficult for me to feel the promises as what the Psalmist have quoted in the bible.  Thank God for my husband’s strong faith and perseverance.  It is so much worth a RM100 (Discount RM80) to come and experience God’s touch. My love toward God was restored.  As I learn to trust in him, my faith rose day by day, I can felt his grace and love so strongly on me.  I have the joy and hope in Christ.  I can bank so many things on Christ, which I thought I don’t have to utter in prayer, as God will know our needs.  I also see changes on my two lovely children as I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to help us to journey together in God’s love.   Your song tape (Just Trust in Him) helps to boost my faith more and more every day.  I am always on this tape in my working place and while driving. It is played over and over again. My hurt and disappointment whenever the atmosphere is not pleasant in my working place does not give me a strong impact anymore. All the Glory to God! Last but not least, may our God, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the name of Jesus Christ, continue to bless you and Dr Paul Ang richly and abundantly in your Ministries and touch many lives in order to bring back the FIRST LOVE and HOPE to Christ alone.    May your works be blessed and remembered by our Master.  For we, do not want to wear a plastic or silver crown but a gold crown.  Our blessing quoted from the book of Psalm 1:1-3 to you (Dr Christina & Dr Paul Ang) –  Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. 2 But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. 3 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

In Christ’s love

Margaret Anne Thomas Penang, Malaysia
This was the best breakthrough conference we had attended. I had an encounter with God whereby His presence was all over me during the 3 days. It was so energizing and refreshing that it lifted my spirit. The basking in the presence of God was truly a hit for me. It has caused me to be more sensitive to God’s leading and guidance. To God be the glory for the great things He had done for us. May our Jehovah God bless your ministry abundantly.
Susan Philippose U.S.A
My dearest sister and brother-in-law Drs. Paul and Christina Ang and the 2013 Prophetic Conference Worship Team, It’s just past 4:30 am Wednesday Aug 14th and I’m still awake thinking of what a great Conference this was! Of course I did get plenty of sleep in one of my flights back and some sleep after I arrived home. Thank you my dear sis for constantly encouraging me to make it to this conference although I had my doubts of how I could “contribute” and be a part of this great worship team. All these songs we sang during the conference have been playing in my heart and mind all through my long hours of multiple flights to Dallas. This afternoon, my heart was singing the song Asher did for his presentation. I have always loved and enjoyed worshipping God even through these years that I’ve been inactive in a Worship Team while in the States. I realized that something has changed in my heart when I arrived in Dallas. It is like I have a new heart to worship God that I can’t explain. Thank you everyone for being so kind and encouraging and I miss you all! Shalom
Andre Ongose Penang, Malaysia
Shalom, I want to thank all of you (worship team of the conference) for being such a wonderful instrument of God’s blessing. Your passion for God was evident in the use of the gift of music and song, in inviting His presence and favor and leading His children to give their hearts in worship. It was my privilege to work with true worshippers of God.
Bishop Paul D. Baguitay, Sr. Philippines
Dear Dr. Paul Ang & Dr. Christina Ang, Warmest greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ from La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines. First of all, I would like to thank and appreciate you & your ministry for sponsoring my hotel accommodation for 2 days and your spirit of generosity is beyond measure. Words are not enough for me to relay how much I thank God for the BREAKTHROUGHS that I received from God during these special & appointed days of waiting, seeking and receiving from God & His Throne. The rhema, prophetic & anointed words are relevant & conducive to the needs of God’s people and to me personally I was lifted high in a higher level and I felt rejuvenated. To God be the glory. God has a global vision for His Servants and so, once again I thank you for your prayers, love & generosity. I will look for the time in the future to have one Conference herein our City as the Lord opens that time. God richly bless you both. Together In His Harvest.
Rev. Kenny Tan KL, Malaysia
Dear Dr. Paul Ang, I like to thank you for sponsoring me and my two children to stay in Micasa All Suite Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, for the Breakthrough Prayer Conference from 8th -10th August, 2013. I really blessed through the testimonies, the teaching sessions and being renewed in the manifest presence of God especially during the Praise and Worship Sessions. May the Good Lord continue to bless you and guide you for the End Times Harvest. Thanks. With all good wishes. Regards.
Pastor Prakash Daniel India
Dear Pastor Paul Ang and Pastor Christina Ang, Greetings in Jesus mighty Breakthrough Name , it my privilege and honour meeting you all, i know its from the Lord i came to the Breakthrough Conference, its a divine connection, the prophetical word for me was -wow awesome! The final touch was that i am more in favour in His sight Thank you very much pastor once again for the Blessing i received in Breakthrough conference.
Pastor Paul Shinde Nagpur, India
Hello Dear Dr.Paul Just want to thank you for organizing the Breakthrough prayer conference, it was a great and very blessed time in the presence of The Lord. I wish it was some more days. I did not feel like leaving that holy presence of God. God has blessed me beyond what I came expecting. I am very much grateful to you blessing me to be a part of this conference. My prayers are that God richly bless you for your kindness and being such a great blessing. Please do remember me in your prayers, I am praying that God will open the doors for me to come for the next year conference. Thank you
Dr. Choy Sook Kuen KL, Malaysia
My written testimony to give thanks to our heavenly Father for touching our family’s lives with your fellowship in God’s presence. We give thanks for my parents’ salvation followed by my father’s maiden’s experience of a Breakthrough Prayer conference! When God works he works BIG!- as Dr.David taught from God’s pulpit! I BELIEVE in my parents salvation as my earthly father open-heartedly came to seek Jesus’ prayers for healing and also my father then respectfully joined us to hear God’s words from the pulpit. What a miracle again for me to be God’s witness!! Cheok Maan and I, for first time, acted boldly for God by giving a personal invitation to my Father’s lawyer friend Mr. Fam and also Dato Rudy. It was awesome to see Mr Farn and Dato Rudy Foo who were there as pre-believers join in the gathering and say the sinners prayers! I know the word of God is sown in their lives and God will continue to grow that mustard seed. I experienced so many God’s miracles in 2 days – God is unlimiting! Thank you all for showing us to ACT our faith and sowing into God’s kingdom for real! We pray in agreement for the new Antioch church to move in our generation and coming generation to claim the 13-fold presence of God in the 5-fold ministries and our lives.We give glory and thanks to our mighty God! Amen:-) Meekly in God’s presence
Lorna Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
This is my 2nd year attending your conference. Wow, the Prayer Breakthrough Conference was even better than last year. Intense…..but like drinking from a fresh water oasis after months in a parched desert land! Congrats & thanks
Thank you once again, for your faithfulness in organizing this year’s conference. I cannot even begin to imagine what goes on behind the scenes or the amount of effort it takes to organize such events. I declare that as you continue to find your strength in the Lord that your conferences will expand, including multitudes as the bride is getting to meet her Bridegroom. I pray that God will give you the helpers you need to make your life easier and your burden lighter, including a Godly events planner so you can focus on ministering the Word, just like Moses and later on the disciples. I wonder whether you realize how special these conferences are, because every time Jesus shows up. Not many conferences can claim that. So thank you for providing a place where the thirsty can come and drink and the hungry be filled, refreshed and revived. May God grant you a heavenly rest, so that when you wake up you are already thinking of the next conference :). I was telling Christina that it cost about US$500 000 to train a pilot and look how many souls God has impacted for life with your budget of this conference. You just can’t go wrong when you are working for God Almighty! God bless
Julius Millan Salla
Praise God for successful conference. Thank You both of you. We’re all blessed and revived. Thank you guys for service well done. God bless you awesomely.
Anne Tkwtbh
To God be all the glory. Awesome conference. How I wish the 1-3 pm worship go on and on. Thank you very much Pastor Christina and team. Such a wonderful soaking in God’s presence!
Meena Durairaju KL, Malaysia
Yes the worship lifted me like never before. Awesome!!
Chiam Bee Bee
Thank you for all the hard work and sacrifices.