Don’t Give Up Hope

We just returned from our ministry trip to New Zealand, Samoa and American Samoa.
It was our first time to minister in both the Samoa countries.
Interestingly I was corresponding with a man Of God called Andy Forsgren some  25 years
ago about the possibility of us ministering in American Samoa.
God has opened the door in an amazing way. We ended up staying with Andy and speaking for his church though it was not part of our itinerary. God is good and awesome!
Though we may have to wait 25 years for the door to be opened never give up on what you believe and dream of. It may take years to see it come to pass but never for a moment that your faith and hope should waver.
In Romans 4,. Abraham did not waver in his faith to have the miracle baby even though Sarah his wife was barren and past child bearing age. Abraham himself could not father a child also.
He was fully persuaded that God could perform a miracle for him. Abraham did not give up HOPE
and did not look at the natural circumstances.
My dear friend DON”T give up no matter how dark and impossible the situation is right now.
As long as Jesus Christ is still on the Throne, there is HOPE.
Cling on to Him and continue to believe.