Ten years period can literally change a life, a church, a community or a nation.
I still remember fondly my son when he was 7 years old, so adorable.
At 17 of age in the span of 10 years, he left for US to study in the university.
A decade turn a boy into a teenager
Another decade will transform him into an adult.
10 years can transform a growing church into a mega church. I remember a particular church in a foreign land that I used to minister. The church was running about 200  strong members. A period of a decade later, this church grew into an awesome mega church.
Our nation of Malaysia was under the old regime of government for 61 years.
Three weeks ago, the nation voted in a completely new government.
The wind of change did not occur in just one election.
The 2 previous election was preparing the ground for the recent Mother of All Election in Malaysia.
Interestingly it was about a period of 10 years.
Are you prepared for the transformation that will take place in 2020 to 2030?
Why not just take 3 days off your regular routine and program, be a MARY and sit at Jesus’ Feet.
Hear what God has to instruct, prepare  and guide us for for the coming decade.
See you on 14 June at Mega Star Arena, Kuala Lumpur  at 7 pm.
Remember time and opportunity like this conference don’t last forever.
This conference maybe your last call to receive some keys to open some doors for your life,family , ministry and church.
Blessings from Heaven,
Paul Ang