Miracle Salvation Of A Father

Hi, pastor i would like to share something, my dad and I are not very close since my mom passed away 20 yrs bck due to cancer, we argued because he remarried. we often fight over his gambling habit. I use to scold him a lot because people around me talk bad about me since my mom passed away.

Thing happens one day before Father’s Day, God convicted me to forgive my dad and ask forgiveness from him. One early morning, I cried and ask forgiveness from Lord remembering all the words and actions i have done towards him for past 20 yrs. On Saturday while you preach and call those who have hurt by their father, I answered the call and God touched and healed me.

Yesterday during the one-day conference, God repeatedly speaks to me, He wanted me to share about Christ to my Dad and lead him to Christ. I don’t know how I’m going to do that because i know my dad hated me and he is also a strong Hindu. But something happen as i visit my dad after the meeting yesterday. We went out for dinner as a family and overnight at my dad, I manage to fellowship with my dad alone in the room. And I ask forgiveness to my dad, and share about Christ to him and shared how i got saved. He cried and want to receive Christ too. So i led him to the sinners prayer. I ask him to visit me when he is ready to be baptized, he replied soon. God is so good, as your prophecy are taking place now.