Blessed New Year
Many people experience natural provision through  their jobs, through hard work, through selling
things and many other ways.
The important thing to remember is the SOURCE. He can provide though your employers or through
human hands. However our dependence is not on the channel God used but on HIM ALONE.
During this economic recession and downturn, some of you may even lose your employment or your business may suffer loss. DON”T panic because God can provide through HIS  Own Hand Supernaturally..
God prospered Isaac in times of great famine and  as he followed God’s Instruction of what to do.
Famine in the old days are same as economic recession today.
God can prosper you like He did to Isaac during economic recession in Genesis 26.
2 Kings 4 : 1 -7  is a classic example of God Supernatural intervention in the midst of great economic crisis.
The man of the house was so poor that he borrowed some money from the creditor using his 2 sons as collateral. Suddenly the man died. The creditor came to take the 2 sons to be salves.
The desperate widow approached the Prophet Elisha for God’s help.
God miraculously multiplied the little oil  of this extreme poor widow. She sold the oil and paid all the debt. Praise God. On top of that she was able to use the extra money to live the rest of her life with the 2 sons. What an awesome Provision from the Hand of God.
This year  2017, we declare God supernatural Provision and financial miracle upon your lives and ministries.
Believe it and call it into being  and receive it.
Blessed Breakthrough,
Paul Ang