Personal Prophecy (E-Book)

Personal Prophecy (E-Book)

We live in a world where man seems to have a natural explanation for all spiritual phenomena and therefore, prophetical utterances seem to be futile. However, the the author of this book, who is known to me personally for many years, elucidates some of the most persuasive arguments and concludes that some reject prophecy not because of the evidence but in spite of evidence.

This book also answers the nagging doubts some people have on prophecy and intelligently replies to every negative assertion of skeptics regarding Biblical Prophecy. It is clearly stated by the author that Biblical prophecy is a direct Word from God for the situation at hand, both for personal and general use. I certainly believe that this book will contribute useful information to the individual seekers of the gift of prophecy as depicted in the scriptures.' Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran (Jesus Calls)

This book is written to inform,instruct and safeguard the use of personal prophecy. The author provides practical experiences where the Lord used him to prophesy over hundreds of saints, leaders and five-fold ministers all over the world.

The correct use of prophecy has brought tremendous blessings, healing, restoration, edification and wholesomeness to the Body of Christ. However, the abuse of the gift of prophecy has resulted in many church-splits, heartaches, hurts, confusion and shame of the people of God. When the true light of prophecy shines, all darkness has to flee.

In this book there are clear and concise teachings in the area of prophecy that will help you to enter and establish in the prophetic move of God.

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