Understanding The Prophetic Realm 2 (E-Book)

Understanding The Prophetic Realm 2 (E-Book)

This is indeed an expedient time to release this book when the world needs a true prophetic ministry. The Bible says (Proverbs 29:18) where there is no prophecy or prophetic revelation/vision, the people perish. All of us are likened to people walking in darkness until the true light of God’s word awakens us into the new life by the Spirit of God.

The author clearly expounds from the scriptures the understanding into the prophetic realm. It is good not only for those called into the ministry of the prophet but also for everyone who wants to understand the ways, the Holy Spirit operates in the gift of prophecy.

This book is born out of the author’s own experiences in the prophetic ministry. This book certainly throws the new light on this God given gift to man so that his trust in God would become real and vibrant.

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