Understanding The Prophetic Realm (E-Book)

Understanding The Prophetic Realm (E-Book)

The greatest learning and impartation anyone can receive is through living epistles. In this book, the author evaluates prophets who have impacted, touched and affected his life as a prophet. There are truths that can be gleaned from his evaluation. Prophets evaluating prophets give the best synopsis of prophetic development.

The extraordinary revelations of the truths in this book are clearly the result of “revelation” from the hands of the Almighty God. It is bound to make a deep impact in the mind and ministry of any seeker of truth. Certainly this book will help develop and inspire more prophetic ministries.

‘An important fact to be reckoned with, is the phenomenal growth of the ministry of Brother Ang and his wife. This is the true sign that the truth he writes about are working first in his personal life and ministry. Hence we accept his exposition of the truth as totally credible. May this book prove to be a great boon for the seekers of true spiritual life.’ Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran(Jesus Calls).

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