What is God saying as we enter into the new year.
Firstly, PSALM 23 is going to be a prophetic psalm for this year. You will find this psalm become alive as you journey through the weeks and months.
There will be tough times as you go through the shadow of death but GOD IS WITH YOU.
So fear no evil. What God has blessed, no devil and no man can reverse it.
Your cup will OVERFLOW….this year you will experience overflow in many areas of your lives.
Not just eating crumbs falling from the table but sitting on the table God has prepared.
God spoke that the times of eating crumbs is over. The season of getting by is over. The season of just enough is over.
The difficult years of living from pay cheque  to pay cheque is over.
Secondly, you will experience the uncommon, unusual, unexplained, unstoppable and unnatural FAVOR OF GOD.
Favour of God will transform you from nobody to somebody.
Favour will take you from lack to abundance.
Favour will cause you to shine like a star following the footsteps of Esther in Bible
Thirdly,  NEW DOORS, NEW KEYS AND NEW CONNECTIONS coming your way and knocking at your door.
Your story is about to change this year.
If you believe, say. I RECEIVE IN JESUS NAME!
Remember, the BEST is yet to come.
Your friend,
Paull Ang