Prophetic Word For 2019

GOD has given me a prophetic word for 2019. It is going to be an awesome, exciting and wonderful year for those who seek Him, love Him and serving God Almighty.

I will share this prophetic Word at the 11 to 13 Jan 2019 Prophetic Conference with Thomas Cherian.
Kindly make plans to attend. You may start the year receiving the prophetic word and prophetic impartation for glorious 2019.
As you believe in God, you shall be established.
Believe in His prophets, you shall proosper….2Chron 20:20.

We need to be like the Sons of Issachar who understand the times and seasons we are living in.
Secondly, we need to know HOW to RESPONSE.

Before God does something, He reveals to His servants, the prophets. Amos 3: 7.
Prophets are one of the 5 Fold gifts of Jesus to the church. Ephesian 4:11.
Prophetic word is a light that shines in a dark place…..2 Peter 1: 19.
Some people live in the dark about their lives and future because they don’t believe or receive any prophetic words from God.
If you need direction, counsel, God’ Will for your life , family, ministry, church and nation, this Jan 11- 13 International Prophetic Conference is tailor made for you.
We are entering in the Decade of Destiny (2020- 2030). ARE YOU READY?
Never be like the 5 foolish vigins who ran out of oil to light their lamps.
Come and fill up your lamps with prophetic prayers, prophetic impartations, prophetic words, prophetic dreams and visions to equip you for the Decade of Destiny.

See you on 11 Jan 2019 to hear the Prophetic Word for 2019.

Greater grace and favor,
Paul Ang