NEXT FEW DAYS we will start our 30 Nov till 2 Dec 2018 Conference.
It is quite easy to be busy serving God like Martha and yet worried about many things.
It is dying to flesh and self to be a Mary.
However, Mary trusted Jesus and sat at His Feet to listen to Him.
One Word from God can change your life.

The TRUTH is we need to be both Martha and Mary .
We need wisdom to know WHEN to be Martha, serving Jesus and WHEN to be Mary, listening at His Feet.

Why not take off couple days and come to Penang to be Mary for a while.
There will be always work to be done and things to do.
Nevertheless we must carve out time to HEAR HIM.

We are living in difficult and uncertain times.
Only God knows ths future.
Only God holds our future.
Only God can give you breakthroughs and miracles.
Only God can protect us in this perilous times as we dwell in the Shelter of the Most High.

God bless and see you in Penang on 30 Nov at 7 pm in Penang.

Blessings from Above
Paul Ang