So much troubles and unexpected natural calamities.
The world also going through economic recession.
The price of oil has hit very low.
Many employees in the oil and gas industries have lost their jobs.
Many businesses in Malaysia are going down.
Our Malaysia Ringgit is going down also.
Multitude of foreign workers in Malaysia are feeling the brunt of the weak Ringgit.

Amidst all these, do we KNOW HOW  to response positively or react negatively.
We must be like the Sons of Issachar who UNDERSTAND the times and KNOW what to do.

How do you response if you loose your job next week?
What if your business suddenly take a down turn?
What if your investment does not give you the return as expected?

Does God care about every areas of our lives?
Are we children of light living in darkness?

Please come to the TIMES AND SEASONS CONFERENCE IN PENANG on 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2017.

Learn how to response during this difficult times according to His Word.
Come and receive the Issachar Anointing for your life, family, church and nation.

Lastly, though your beginning is small but your latter end shall be great.
Job 8: 7.

God will make ALL things beautiful in HIS TIMES and PURPOSE. Amen

See you on 30 Nov 2017 in Penang.

Blessings  from Above,
Paul Ang