Proverbs 4: 7  WISDOM is a Principal thing…
James 1: 5   Ask for wisdom…
Wisdom enable us to make the correct, accurate  and godly decision in every area of our lives.
Wisdom also help to solve every problem in life.
Therefore ask God for wisdom TODAY.

For Every need God has a provision.
For every problem in life God has a solution and an answer. All we require is Wisdom from Above.
Some people make wrong decisions in life because of lack of wisdom.

Wisdom is our foundation . It is the main thing or principal thing. Any area in our life that has a problem, quite likely in that area there is a lack of wisdom.

For example, if you face a financial problem, maybe you lack wisdom in making financial decision like indulging in living beyond your means. Maybe you dont have financial savings to purchase a house so you have to rent instead of owning a house.
Maybe you overspend on your wedding ( just for one day) instead of saving that money to buy a car or a house.
Maybe you became a guarantor for someone and now facing the consequence of suffering unnecessary financial woes.

Today ask God for wisdom in every compartment and season and every decision we make especially when we are at crossroad.

Paul Ang