A Bar Of Soap

8 June 2020

Recently the Spirit of God spoke to my heart about the humble and ordinary bar of soap that has the power to destroy covid 19 virus . Amazing. So common, ordinary and unexpected.

~ Paul Ang

Similarly in these last days, God is going to use humble, ordinary, common and unexpected human beings to destroy satan’s kingdom and bring the great harvest to Heaven.
God uses the foolish things to confound the wise and mighty.

John 2 …the wedding of Cana of Galilee where and when Jesus turned water into wine.
Jesus used 6 stones of water jar to do the miracle of turning water into the best quality wine. These waterpots of stone are used for ordinary washing of feet found in every home. So ordinary and common.
Be encouraged in these end times, God is using ordinary and common people to perform miracles. We will be the vessels of clay in God’s House. Amen.

Acts 2: 17…..God will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh in the last days.
We are in the last days.
Get ready for a mighty visitation, unprecendented revival and billion harvest of souls won to His Kingdom.

Let us prepare ourselves to cross over to this new season in God’s Calender just like Joshua and the children of Israel crossed over to the Promised Land. Please reead Joshua chapter 1 – 3.

What the enemy meant for evil using Covid 19 virus, God Almighty will turn it for GOOD.
He who sits in Heaven laughs at His enemies.
God Almighty in on the Throne.
We are on the Winning Side…rejoice and praise Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

GOD Kingdom and Government shall increase. The devil kingdom shall decrease and diminish.
We shall plunder hell and populate Heaven as billion souls be won in Jesus Christ Name.

Joshua 3: 5…..Consecrate yourselves today for God will do wonders tomorrow.
Consecrate means to give and surrender ourselves totally to Him.
We belong to God 100 percent.

Get ready to be used by God like the bar of soap and the waterpots of stone.

Remember, the best is round the corner.