As the New Year approaches…

31 December 2013

On 31st Dec 2013, I hear the prompting of the Lord that says “be ready be prepared for what is to come...

~ Christina Ang
For the world at large: – calamities would accelerate and earthquakes would increase in many places in greater magnitude.  Places that were considered not in the earthquake fault line and zone, would experience shocking earthquakes.  Yes the earth would stagger like a drunken man because its transgression lies heavy upon it.  (Isaiah 24:20)

Sudden climate changes would happen worldwide and destruction by the velocity of winds is unavoidable except by prayer and fastings.

Those involved in the disaster relief should beef  up  their resources and aid.  Some of the events are going to accelerate which would be hard for governments to cope.

Churches and ministries should concentrate on how to help to buffer by prayer, fastings, and strengthening their disaster relief.

If you think 2013 is bad as in natural disasters, 2014 is no-where in comparison.  It will be terrible and terrifying.

This is the time for a tremendous move of God as well.  Signs and wonders and mountain moving prayers are put to test.  God’s people must rise up and be courageous when the world had lost all hope.

God will sweep through nations and many will turn to the Lord God Almighty.  On bended knees we bow at the awesome presence that shines on the globe.  God has not forgotten your prayers.  In the darkest hour, His light will shine.

Like Samson, in his darkest hour had seen the greatest destruction of the evil men, even so the church who is very much like Samson, have great potential but lost her power by compromise and indulgence.  She will rise with great victory over her enemies like Samson with a great price.

Deception and twisting or manipulation of the scriptures would also accelerate seeking to deceive as many Christians as possible.  Christians rise up and know the scriptures for yourself.  Study the word of God so no one can deceive you.

Offenses and misunderstanding would also accelerate. These spirits of offenses and misunderstanding would attack many churches and ministries.  It seeks to divide what God has united.

Be quick to repent and forgive.  Do not harbor offenses in your heart.  Be merciful and gracious.  Let the love of God be shed about in your heart by the Holy Spirit.

Christians rise and be courageous.  Great days are ahead of you.  You are an overcomer and you would be victorious in Christ.


Pr. Christina Ang