How to prepare for next decade 2020 - 2030? (12-14 Dec 2019)

13 September 2019

Just few more months, we will enter 2020. Are we prepared for what is to come? What are God's plans for our nations, our churches, our ministries, our families and our personal lives?

If ever we need to hear from God afresh, this could be the critical season and kairos decade.
Darkness will continue to abound on earth but HIS GLORY will shines even brighter and greater .
God is on the Throne. He is a Master Strategist.
He is Alpha and Omega. He begins His plans and purposes for the nations and each individual life, He will accomplish and finish them with Glory and Honour.
In other words, the BEST IS SURELY COMING.

Many Christians are like Martha, so busy serving the King but have no intimate relationship with the King. Many have no time to sit at His Feet to listen to Him.
Martha was distracted, worried and troubled about many things.
When we dont hear His Word and know His plan and purpose, we will end up like Martha

On the contrary, Mary CHOSE otherwise when Jesus visted the family home. Mary set aside everything but put first priority to listen to Jesus Heart. Mary chose the the most important thing to be with Jesus.
Mary invested her time to know Jesus intimately, not just about Him.

The first thing to prepare ourselves for the next decade is to DRAW CLOSE TO JESUS CHRIST and hear His voice afresh.

Decide to be like Mary. Plan to come for our International Conference.
Our theme is ALIGNING FOR 2020 & BEYOND.
We assure you that you will experience the Manifest Presence of God and receive prophetic words and prophetic impartations for the next decade. Come and encounter God afresh.