This book has been the result of the constant prompting of the Lord upon my heart to write. So firstly I would like to thank God who had been instructing and inspiring me to write through the mouth of many prophets and also to me personally.

My heartfelt gratitude and thanks to my wife, Pastor Christina who had motivated me to continue writing and helped me to co-author and finalize the layout of this book. May God reward my dear wife and crown all her efforts with success.

Our deepest appreciation to our son, Asher for editing a couple of chapters in this book even though he had much assignments and was in the midst of his exams in the university.



This book would not have seen the light of day without the help of
family and friends. First and foremost, I would like to thank my wife,
Pastor Christina who encouraged and motivated me to continue
with writing even when the inspiration juices stopped flowing. She
also has spent many countless hours in co-authoring and finalizing
the layout of this book. May God reward my dear wife and lay up
treasures for her in Heaven.
I am grateful to my son, Asher for not disturbing his dad whilst busy
writing. At times, I regret not being able to attend to him. Thanks
Asher for being patient with dad.

I am also grateful to, Mr. Verghese Samuel for keying the scripture
references with constructive opinion. Not forgetting Shoba A
Verghese and Ong Chui Li for their help in editing. I appreciate all of
you for your kind understanding of materials given in its raw state
and rectifying the butchered English. My deepest appreciation and
gratitude to Mr. Ramesh Rudd for graciously designing this book
cover. May God bless him for his labour of love.


The voices of a million angels could not express my gratitude and thanks to my Heavenly Father, my Lord Jesus Christ and my sweet Holy Spirit from whom everything flows.

My deepest appreciation and gratitude to my darling husband Rev. Dr. Paul Ang and my adorable son, Asher Paul Ang for being a great strength, encouragement and blessing to me. You have taught me to love and trust God more.

My sincere thanks and appreciation to Pastor Dr. Philip Lyn, Pastor Dr. Chew Weng Chee, Pastor Dr. Lew Lee Choo and
Rev. Dr. Samson Dabbas for graciously writing the foreword for this book.

I am also very grateful to Jennifer Thomas and Joanne Yeoh for taking the pains to edit this book and design the book cover. I would also like to thank Jasmine Charles for the wonderful makeover. Dunstan McDanny, Jennifer Thomas and Joanne Yeoh thanks for the photo shoot.


This book is about revivals. It analyses some of the key revivals in history and draws precious lessons from them.

These periods of God’s visitation are nearly always a result of intense prayer and seeking after God with a pure heart.

Drawing upon their first-hand experience in their ministry around the world, Ps Paul and Christina Ang share the  principles of revival. As loyal citizens of Malaysia, they long for revival to happen in their nation.

If God has done it in history to other lands and to our nation at Bekalalan in the 1980’s, God can do it again in our lifetime.
All we need to do is to pray, repent and seek God with all our heart, mind and soul.

May we all join Ps Paul and Ps Christina to cry out for an Open
Heaven over Malaysia.


The greatest learning and impartation anyone can receive is through living epistles. In this book, the author evaluates prophets who have impacted, touched and affected his life as a prophet. There are truths that can be gleaned from his evaluation. Prophets evaluating prophets give the best synopsis of prophetic development.

The extraordinary revelations of the truths in this book are clearly the result of “revelation” from the hands of the Almighty God. It is bound to make a deep impact in the mind and ministry of any seeker of truth. Certainly this book will help develop and inspire more prophetic ministries.


We believe that you are holding and reading this book by divine appointment and purpose and not by chance!

May God use this writing to grant you understanding of your seasons in life
so that you can respond accurately and align yourself with the plan and purpose of God for your life and ministry.

May this book speak to your situation prophetically and answer your nagging doubts about God’s love and goodness as you go through the winter and wilderness seasons of your life. We hope that you will hear the whisper of the Holy Spirit as you read and meditate on these pages.

After much prayer and contemplation on the title and writing format, the authors were inspired to take a devotional and practical approach rather than theological.

May you find His refuge and strength as you identify with us in our journey through difficult seasons in our life and ministry! May the Balm of Gilead release His healing and comfort as you comb these pages and see yourself in similar predicaments and hurtful circumstances!



This manual is designed to train and equip the body to flow in the prophetic realm. It is an excellent study guide for prophetic ministries. It comes handy during prophetic seminars or bible studies. It is illustrative and practical.



This is indeed an expedient time to release this book when the world needs a true prophetic ministry. The Bible says (Proverbs 29:18) where there is no prophecy or prophetic revelation/ vision, the people perish. All of us are likened to people walking in darkness until the true light of God’s word awakens us into the new life by the Spirit of God.

The author clearly expounds from the scriptures the understanding into the prophetic realm. It is good not only for those called into the ministry of the prophet but also for everyone who wants to understand the ways, the Holy Spirit operates in the gift of prophecy.


We live in a world where man seems to have a natural explanation for all spiritual phenomena and therefore, prophetical utterances seem to be futile. However, the the author of this book, who is known to me personally for many years, elucidates some of the most persuasive arguments and concludes that some reject prophecy not because of the evidence but in spite of evidence.

This book also answers the nagging doubts some people have on prophecy and intelligently replies to every negative assertion of skeptics regarding Biblical Prophecy. It is clearly stated by the author that Biblical prophecy is a direct Word from God for the situation at hand, both for personal and general use. I certainly believe that this book will contribute useful information to the individual seekers of the gift of prophecy as depicted in the scriptures.’ Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran (Jesus Calls)


This manual is designed to train and equip the body to flow in the prophetic realm. It is an excellent study guide for prophetic ministries. It comes handy during prophetic seminars or bible studies. It is illustrative and practical.


Finally, I managed to quiet down and set aside time to write. This book has been in my heart for some time. Our trip to Kerala, India recently, ministering to Ps Thomas Cherian’s church was very enlightening. The church was having 40 days of prayer and fasting. During the last service, the great prophet prophesied over me that this year, 2006 God will cause me to write two books. It was a wonderful confirmation. Getting a title was a challenge. Praise God, in obedience to the prophetic voice, may this book bless and encourage many.
As I travel to the churches and the nations, there is a silent and yet a loud cry and yearning for spiritual fathers and mentors. May the Lord use this book to mentor and guide many who are called into the Prophetic Ministry. We pray it will bring clarity, confirmation and  comfort for this difficult and challenging prophetic journey and prophetic training. Hopefully, those who have a nasty and hurtful encounter with the prophetic will receive the balm of healing and continue to embrace the genuine prophetic move and ministry.
For those who are not too sure or too open about the prophetic
office and ministry, prayerfully this writings will transform you to
be Berean brethren who ‘were more fair minded … received the
word with all readiness and searched the Scriptures daily to find out
whether these things were so’ (Acts 17: 11).



Be inspired and ignited to walk with Jesus in your daily walk.